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Rediscovered Venetian sonatas for recorder and harpsichord

Inês d’Avena, recorder | Claudio Ribeiro, harpsichord

Ramée / Outhere Music (RAM 1905)


Chi cerca trova

In the Fall of 2018, recorder player Inês d’Avena and harpsichordist Claudio Ribeiro spent 40 days exploring various musical archives of La Serenissima. The new findings - 6 manuscripts sonatas stemming from the Fondo Correr/Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello and from the Fondazione Querini Stampalia - are beautiful examples of 18th century Venetian chamber music, displaying the melodic freshness and rhythmic vivacity that is so appreciated in this repertoire. The exciting result of their research was recorded at the Sala della Musica dell’Ospedaletto, the famous 18th century Venetian concert hall. In the program are a number of anonymous sonatas per flauto as well as two anonymous harpsichord-solo Suonatas, all premieres, complemented by a toccata by Francesco Gasparini and 2 sonatas by Diogenio Bigaglia.


A ‘new’ Vivaldi sonata

The Fondo Musicale Correr from the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello comprises among others the Fondo ‘Esposti e provenienze diverse’, which contains manuscripts stemming from the Ospedale della Pietà. It was in the Fondo ‘Esposti e provenienze diverse’ that we found the Sonata per Flauto in F Major during our residency. It is therefore highly probable that this work belonged to the repertoire of the Pietà and likely to that of the figlie di coro, the talented abandoned girls who were instructed in music to the level of true virtuosos. When first reading this piece, we were immediately struck by how much it recalled Vivaldi in numerous structural aspects and in its peculiar musical language. After a lengthy study on the aspects of the writing that suggest and recall Vivaldi, we are convinced this is a newly discovered work by Vivaldi. After some positive reactions from a specialized committee, further study is being carried out in order to determine its authorship with certainty.



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Recercare 2021

Published article "A newly discovered recorder sonata attributed to Vivaldi: considerations on authorship"

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