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For us, live concerts involve musicians, a venue and an audience, sharing and experiencing sound, time and space together. Without any of these, the magic of non-verbal communication gets lost and we feel something is missing.



Since March 13, 2020, we have had all our concerts cancelled, and we don't want to pretend that we can fill this void. But we do have a lot we would like to share and decided to create something different: 'non-concerts', an insider look into our early music lab.



In each 'non-concert' of our online weekly series Ceci n'est pas un concert we would like to show several pieces that compose the live concert puzzle for us (a 360°-video recording of a piece, a chance to zoom in on a special technique we apply in a specific repertoire, an anecdote or insider joke, a special score or an instrument, behind the scenes photos, research links that shape our thoughts, etc.), but the center piece, the live concert playing, will remain missing for now. 


The music videos were recorded at the Huygens' Hofwijck, the 17th-century country estate of Constantijn Huygens. The historical setting and acoustic, and the fact that Constantijn was also an art lover are the grounds for the early music we perform in this project. Using a 360º camera, we want to give you a sense of being present among us, being able to see our music-making from a different perspective.

A new ‘non-concert’ will be posted here every Friday at 18:00 CET, starting on August 7, and ending on September 11, 2020. In these 6 short ‘non-concerts’ we will perform 17th and 18th century music for recorder and harpsichord, solo or duo, covering music from Sweelinck to J. S. Bach, and offering a myriad of other satellite, non-musical materials.

The production and recordings of this project were only possible through the generosity of our crowdfunding donors and the hospitality of the Huygens' Hofwijck, to whom we are very grateful.


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© 2020 by Inês d'Avena & Claudio Ribeiro.

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