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Ceci n'est pas un concert - pizza!

Making music requires a lot of energy! And musicians love to feed on inspiring foods, from inspiring places, with inspiring ingredients.

Naples. Fantastic natural beauty and produce, an enchanting language and an amazing history (particularly in music it could not be different: mythology tells us it was founded by the siren Parthenope, who brought her magical singing to the city; in the 18th century the city became the 'world capital of music', bursting with talented young musicians in its four conservatories, and inspiring music education and music making throughout Europe and beyond).

Pizza. Simple but outstanding ingredients, and on it went to conquer the world (although often losing a few key rules though). Here is a great recipe to make this 'masterpiece' at home, using your conventional oven (better with a pizza stone), by the pizza-chef Davide Civitiello:

(invite the whole family for a feast or use about 1/5 of this for 2 pizzas) 1l water 1,6kg 00 flour 50g salt 20g sugar (optional) 50g olive oil 2g yeast (Claudio has been using about 225g of "lievito madre", the Italian sourdough)

The 'official' topping is Margherita (freshly squeezed ripe tomatoes, basil, fior di latte or mozzarella di bufala, and good olive oil), but you can find some inspiration for other pizzas on the menu of our favorite Neapolitan pizzeria.

Follow the instructions on this video and enjoy it!

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